At the Orchard

Maple Sesame Salad Turnips

Salad turnips are smaller and milder in flavor than full-size turnips. The greens are still tender and good for eating, so when you buy a bunch of salad turnips, you get two different vegetables to enjoy separately or together!

Prepare the salad turnips: Wash 1 bunch turnips and greens thoroughly. Cut greens off turnips, chop the greens coarsely, and set aside for later in the recipe. Quarter the turnips.

In a frying pan, over medium-high heat, dry-toast 1 TB sesame seeds for 30-45 seconds, until they smell fragrant and begin to brown. Remove them from the pan and set aside for later. Then, add 1 TB toasted sesame oil to pan and make hot. Sauté the turnips in the hot oil until fork-tender 5-8 minutes, adding water if necessary to keep from sticking, 1 TB at a time. Once turnips are fork-tender, add greens with ½ TB apple cider vinegar, 1 ½ TB maple syrup, and a pinch of salt. Continue to sauté, 2 minutes or so, until greens are wilted. Add toasted sesame seeds and coat the vegetables with them.


salad turnips