At the Orchard

Fresh at the Farmstand - March 11, 2016


Just When You Think Winter's Over

Have you heard the forecast for this Sunday into Monday? Yup, a Nor'easter. When I was a kid, my Grandfather would say that any snow this time of year is called "poor mans fertilizer." I never understood it, but I do now!

Any and all moisture that falls from the sky contains nitrogen, the single most important element for plant growth.  The benefit of it arriving in the form of snow,  is what we can describe as slow release fertilizer. 

So, while we have been enjoying these spring like days, it looks like we have at least one more day of winter heading our way. At least we can give it a positive spin and view it as being beneficial for our soon to be gardens. 

And we can be grateful that this winter really wasn't so bad after all. 


Just a reminder of what last winter looked like! Taken at Pietree February 2015.

Just a reminder of what last winter looked like! Taken at Pietree February 2015.

Fresh in the Farmstand

Syrup is what's happening in the farm stand this week. 

You may have heard that it hasn't been a great syrup year, but we have been working hard to get the most that we can. 

We love syrup and use it a lot in our baking. Syrup can replace your sugar in many baked goods. You can simply replace 1 cup of sugar with 3/4 cup of syrup. Not only will it add sweetness, it adds moisture too. 
If you are making plans for Maine Maple Sunday, we will be doing demonstrations, and have lots of treats for you to try in the farm stand on Saturday, 3/26/2016 (We are closed on ME Maple Sunday for Easter).

If you can't wait until ME Maple weekend, come on up this weekend. The syrup is in and we know that you will love it!