At the Orchard

A Rose By Another Name

The fragrance of the strawberry does, in fact, relate to the taste. A member of the rose family, strawberries taste as sweet as they smell. Highly fragrant fruit = highly tasty fruit.
Strawberry flavor and quality is highly influenced by the weather. Excessive rain reduces the flavor. Fruit weight depends on both variety and weather. Just remember: when choosing strawberries inhale deeply. The more fragrant, the more flavorful.

Strawberries are, indeed, a rose by another name - and they smell as sweet! Members of the rose family, strawberries are best known for flowering and fruiting just as garden roses are reaching their summer peak.


Native peoples have been enjoying strawberries wild strawberries here for thousands of years. Strawberries are indigenous to every continent except Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, 94% of U.S. households enjoy strawberries. (Source: University of Illinois Extension)

We welcome the beginning of strawberry season here at the orchard! Strawberries will be available in limited quantities - please call ahead to check on availability: (207) 647-9419.