At the Orchard

Connecting with Others is Key

Overall interest in locally grown food is at an all time peak.  It’s so exciting when people genuinely care about knowing how their food is grown, where it comes from, and who did the work to produce our food.  That is a wonderful thing.  At Pietree, we love growing food for our neighbors.  We are passionate about producing fruits and vegetables and making sure our local communities have access to farm fresh foods. 

One of the greatest pieces of the Ag Trade Show earlier this month was connecting with other farmers, others involved with agriculture, and even just those who deeply appreciate what farmers do.  It is a great feeling to share that passion with others that have a similar general mission as you, and talk about your struggles and triumphs of connecting Maine communities with fresh food.

A couple of our staff members, Alexandra and Jasmine, attended Wholesale Growers and Buyers panels during the Trade Show. They had the opportunity to listen to several farmers, as well as several market owners and distributors to hear what they deal with while managing day-to-day operations and while growing their businesses.

It was validating to hear that what is important to customers is what we strive to create in our day-to-day operations.  Quality of product, good open communication, relationship building from year to year, and the ability to fill orders when promised were all key principles that came up again and again. 

Education was another key component during the talks.  Market research has shown that people are interested in trying new vegetables they haven’t seen before or trying heirloom varieties of apples, but it’s important to have information available about what the varieties mean, what they taste like, why we grew them.  We try to do this.  If our costumers have any questions about a variety of apples, or how to prepare a vegetable you see at our table at the market, ask us, we just may have some great recipes or tips for you.

This photo may be a bit of wishful thinking, but warmer weather will be upon us before we know it!  Here is an image of our Field of Greens from the 2014 growing season.