Pietree Orchard offers a wide variety of pick-your-own fruits, including apples, strawberries, blueberries and pumpkins throughout the season.

Where do we go when we arrive at the farm?
Check in at the farm stand. We’ll tell you where the good picking is and give you the containers you need.

Do we have to bring our own containers?
We provide containers.

What to wear?
Dress for picking fruit like you do for hiking. Wear sturdy shoes, bug spray, and sunhats. Bring water. All of our fruit likes the sun, and even in autumn it is easy to become dehydrated or sunburned while picking fruit.

How much does it cost?
Pricing varies each season. We price and pick:

  • Strawberries – by the pound and quart
  • Blueberries – by pints and quarts
  • Apples – by peck and half bushel
  • Pumpkins – by pumpkin

We set prices each season. Just ask when you call ahead.

Why do you recommend calling ahead?
Truly fresh fruit is variable and perishable. Some days we rest the fields, so the fruit can ripen more. Some days weather or fruit conditions are such that we cannot be open for picking. We always recommend calling ahead to make sure the picking conditions are perfect for you! (207) 647-9419